Dec 6, 2006

Ahh... im finally regular

Last night I joined some of the SnBers at the Point. I was working on the "sock that never ends" aka my 2 pairs of commissioned socks from my coworker. Jewell and I chatted and drank lovely caffeinated drinks.

I've also been working on some shawl pins for the fair. Here are some of the non fabric ones.

The photos aren't all that great since I've been taking pics with my phone. Over the weekend, I will retake with a better camera.

Dec 5, 2006

Turkey and Wool

Thanksgiving weekend passed in a flash. I watched the Macy's parade.

Then I went to Allen's uncle's house for a Chinese dinner. There was noodles, roast pork, and all sorts of Asian delights. After our bellies were filled, the turkey came out of the oven... uhhh. As you can guess, that family had a lot of turkey sandwiches the week after.

I came off the elevators this morning at work to be greeted by this:

That's right boys and girls! It's craft fair time! Very exciting moment. I've become a knitting machine at home and on the train. Knits, purls, k2togs, ssks - all blending in a flurry of yarn and needles.

BTW, my friend Oli lent me "Middlesex" last week. It is a very good read. I recommend it to anyone who is looking for an above par book.

More updates soon, I promise.