May 27, 2006

Brand Spanking New!!!

So I just had my first full week at work and I can say that I've settled in. I've place a picture of my dog up. Ive moved snacks in my side draw. I have a coffee cup. Yup, I'm offically a part of working America. Now only if I can figure out where to find everything in my office.

Yup, that's an eggling on my desk. There's a funny story to that eggling. Before I found a job, I thought it would be a great promo piece to send to agencies with my resume. I would wrap a mini sample ad around the egg and ship it off. I ordered 10 of them online and 3 days after they came in the mail, I got my current job. Sooooo, I'm now stuck with 10 egglings with nowhere to go. I decided to crack one of those babies out and use it to decorate my desk.

It's starting to sprout. It's a horrible cellphone photo so I gave you some arrows for your viewing pleasure.

On to more personal matters, Allen and I have decided to take up bike riding as a couple's activity. We plan on going on a cruise in Oct. and I thought it would be a good idea to bring bikes to use when we get to port. Thus birthed the idea of buying bikes. I of course had to get one in a bright color and a retro built because thats just who I am. Allen, also bought one that suited him - it's black and gray. I swear, our bikes are an exact match to us. hahaha.

I took this pic last night but then took this one this morning when there was much better lighting:

Allen and I went to my knitting friend Jill's bday party and had fun. I wore a cute dress I really liked. I was going to photograph it flat but it just looked so much better on a form, not to mention my dog Hope gets to be the photo!

Well, it looks like summer is upon us. Break out the tanktop, crank up the AC and starting knitting in cotton cuz it's going to be HOT!

May 13, 2006

where have i been?

Wow....has it really been almost a month since Ive blogged? Geez...that just goes to show you how busy I am lately. First off - I got a job!!! Not a pizza delivery, selling clothing, doing freelance job - but a real honest to god job with a salary and vacation days and all that good stuff. Im designing presentations and newsletters for a retail marketing company. Yes I know - its not advertising but it really is a step in the right direction, especially since I need some money in the bank and fast. So yay me!

The end of last month marked my 6th month anniversary with Allen. We went out to Serendipity to celebrate. I've come to a conclusion about us after 6 months - he makes me happy, the kind of happy where you want to jump up and sing while skipping down the street. *huggles*

On the knitting front, I seem to be a bit distracted. Here are all the things on the needles now:

This is a patchwork afgan from this book:Under Cover

This is from a Special Rebecca done just for Super Soft Kid:Rebecca
It will look like this:

This is going to be a hoody for Allen. I told him he was going to get it next winter. :blush:

This is a sock for Allen but the more I knit it - the more I dislike it. I dont know if I have the heart to rip so Ive put it aside for now.

Here is the cotton tee from Vogue a few months back. I finished it in record time - around 2 weeks after I started but now I cant bring myself to seam up the two parts. It looks like its going to be hard with the ruffling and all.

BUT in all that unfinished work - there is this:

I knitted this up with Giotto that was on super sale at The Point. The pattern is from Loop de Loop. Only 3 days and no seaming! I love it!

Now I must go have lunch with my friends before they think something has happened to me...teehee.