Apr 14, 2006

ok....i conceed....im old

and apparently, not of any use to society. hmmmmm. ive been thinking. yesterday was my birthday and i had some time to really hash it out. next year ill be a quarter century old and what exactly have i done? gained 20 pounds? picked up a expensive habit (knitting)? went to school for 20 years? ...none of which i can say i am too gosh darn proud of. ive picked up a job at "the point" knitting cafe. some might say yay - youre working with yarn; something you love. but every once in a while i think - geez, i graduated college to do what?! serve coffee and desserts to knitters?! this might be looked at as a sad state of affairs. ive recently been going to interviews for a designer job in hong kong. i wont say anything to jinx it.

allen took me out last night to a restaurant called wd/50. it was nice but the food was sooo extremely snooty. i barely understood the menu and the parts i did understand didnt sound entirely edible. the food came out in what i can only name aptly as "french portions". the best surprise came when the waiter brought out a coldstone icecream cake!!

i just ADORE coldstone! even if the food wasnt exactly my tastes, he really planned an excellent evening. kudos to allen!!!!

on a creative note - i just finished the cutest embroidered poodle.

im using it as a patch on my "nappy bag". photos of that coming up next!

Apr 5, 2006

Birthdays and Cotton Knitting...

Ever go to and plan two birthday parties in one weekend? Sounds tiring? Maybe even fustrating? Yeah, well I did it...I've been planning Allen's surprise bday dinner for weeks and it paid off in full. He had fun and boy, was he surprised!

Then the following night my best friend Annie, my friend Jane, and I had a joint bday dinner with the gang (which I also planned...=T )

It was a bit of a hassle figuring everything out but in the end it was worth it.

On to the knitting...

Remember the new Misti Cotton I was talking about last blog?


I've made mucho progress on the tee that I showed last blog. Lookie:

I'll be done in no time...(I hope!)