May 11, 2008

Babies and Aunts

I finally finished the baby romper for Jessamyn's peanut, and I gave it to her at her baby shower. It came out sooo cute.

My aunt from Hong Kong is coming to visit at the end of this month and I've been struggling with what to buy her. In the end, I decided to knit her something. But then I was stuck with the problem of what to knit a woman who lives in a very very hot and humid climate and have it simple enough for me to finish in less than 2 weeks?; I was stumped. Then I found Argosy. Perfect! I picked up some JoJoLand superwash fingering weight yarn and got right to it. Very fun and quick knit, perfect pattern repeat for someone of my attention level.

Boy, I can't wait til I start to knit for myself again.