Aug 24, 2006

Why Fall ROCKS!!

I only have one thing to say and the rest I'll leave to photos...OMG!!!

I think I might have to put my yarn diet on hold. *swoons*

Aug 20, 2006

FOs...not to be mistaken for UFOs

Ahhh... a moment to myself.

Well in the recent days I've accomplished a miracle number of FO's (Finished Objects to you non knitters).

There was the Clapotis, a drop stitch wrap of sorts. I made mine out of Blue Heron Rayon Metallic. It a really pretty shade of light blue, sage, and sand with a sprinkle of gold metallic. I'll post a close up next time.

Then in lighting speed (3 days), I finished a knitted cable bag. I remade this bag.. It's all the rage this fall, or so I've seen in fashion magazines.

Here is how the lining looks. I even added a pocket!

And the last but most amazing miracle, I finished the second sock to my Interweave Knit's Embossed Leaves sock!

I conquered second sock syndrome! And just so I dont ever get it again - I've started my next pair together on one very long circular needle. I'm making the Unst from this book.

I got this luscious yarn at School Products for only 4 bucks a hank!

Notice the grass?

YUP! Allen and I went to Central Park yesterday. It was nice. I wish it hadn't been so crowded but we had fun none the less. To make the day even better - Allen recieved a buy one get on free chocolate milkshake coupon in the mail the day before!!

I bought some yummies to hold us down on the grass.

As we were leaving, we headed into Barnes & Noble and I saw this:

It just made me laugh and think of my Hope when she is waiting for food.

All right - off to knit some more. See yall next month!